Chatting with the Lovecraft eZine

zineheader-august2014This morning I had a lovely chat with the gents at the Lovecraft eZine. Thanks to Mike Davis, Matthew Carpenter, Rick Lai and Peter Rawlik, and especial thanks for being kind, chaps: I’d got my times mixed up and realised I only had 15mins between rolling out of bed and getting on-line. Apologies to my poor David who was pushed out the door without breakfast, and any of the neighbours who may have heard loud profanities while I attempted to tame my hair and put on some face-paint in a less-than-clownish fashion.

Also, I totally did this podcast BEFORE I had my coffee AND without swearing. Those who know me will be looking out their windows for the other signs of the Apocalypse. My sister’s comment was “Ah, my sister, the 8th Wonder of the World.” She’ll be dealt with later.

The casting of the pod can be listened to here.

So we talked about a lot of stuff including: being Accidentally Lovecraftian; fairy tales and their influence; advice for new writers; how reading Caitlín Rebekah Kiernan’s work is like drinking a wonderfully strange alcoholic beverage; and the Tale of the Plushy Badgers.

And! Richard Luong was the other guest – he’s the illustrator for Cthulhu Wars and OMG check out his artwork!

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