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Squeeeee! John Connolly's The Lovers








Irish author John Connolly’s new Charlie Parker novel is poised to be released! Huzzah! Let there be Snoppy Dancing. Details below from Connolly’s newsletter:


The new Parker novel, THE LOVERS, will be published on June 2nd in the US, and on July 9th in the UK, although Irish readers will get to buy it
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Richard Morgan – Author Event in Brisneyland on May 26th – pass it on!

For anyone in or around Brisbane on the eve of May 26th – rock up to the Queensland Writers Centre for a Pulp Fiction Books event and meet British author Richard Morgan. Pass it on!!

Richard Morgan is one of the most exciting new talents to hit the fantasy and science fiction bestseller lists in years.

In 2002 Morgan’s first novel Altered Carbon
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Star Trekking (because entitling this “Zachary Quinto is Hot” would be wrong and shallow)

I adored the original Star Trek. I mean adored it in all its cheesy glory. I fell in love with Leonard Nimoy’s cynically lifted eyebrows, DeForest Kelly’s wonderful neurotic over-acting, Nichelle Nichols impossibly long false eyelashes and, of course, the Shatman wearing the hardest working corset in show business
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Paradox Magazine is the latest of the print mags to bite the dust. It’s a serious pity as this is a beautiful magazine 🙁


These photos are just incredible – images of urban archaeology and decay

Quite extraordinary and great food for writerly brains!

Maths Not Being My Strong Point …

… I can generally spell, but numbers are not my friends – I find them sneaky and dishonest and unreliable. I don’t care if the Fibonacci Numbers have a cool name. I am, for all intents and  purposes, innumerate.

However, I’ve been pulling the various bits of the novel together – in manner of Frankenstein’s monster – since I drew up the
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I am listening to …

… an agents and publishers seminar – Lyn Tranter of ALM and Annette Barlow of Allen & Unwin talking about what they do and how their parts of the industry work. T’is most interesting.

Lesson highlights to this point:

learn your market;
learn how all parts of the writing and publishing industry work;
be polite to everyone you ever meet;
be especially polite to everyone
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Jeff VanderMeer on Gaiman on George RR Martin and the Reader-Writer Contract

“I love this post by Neil Gaiman about entitlement, especially as concerns readers upset that George R.R. Martin hasn’t finished his latest novel in the bestselling series. It ain’t a science, the rate of burn-out is high, and anyone who thinks that just churning out novels is a good idea–either for readers or writers–is full of crap.”

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Gaimany Goodness and a Bit of a Bollocking

I quite like this from Neil Gaiman’s blog today. This is in regard to the legendary George R R Martin.

Sure there’s the argument that fans do keep the writer in a living – yes, writers certainly do depend on fans purchasing books to help feed and clothe themselves and pay their bills (literary cred being a notoriously difficult currency
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More VanderMeerish Wisdom

Jeff has posted some general tips on the uses of PR – another excerpt from the Most Excellent Booklife.

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