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The Lifted Brow – Call for Submissions – The Atlas Issue

TLB6 is an atlas of the world, newly observed by lots of bands, writers, and artists that you like. Participation is easy:

1. Pick a country.

2. Send us fiction or nonfiction, a song, or a comic based on that country. The relationship of your piece to the country you pick can be as real, fake, or loose as you want.

Angela’s note:
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Writing Week – The Autopsy

So, here I sit back at work after a week away, doing nothing but writing.

Okay, I lie.

I didn’t just write. I threw temper tantrums. I ate astonishing amounts of choclit and consumed such vast quantities of sugar that for brief periods (before the inevitable sugar crash) I could power
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On the Importance of Marketing

Step 1. check your audience.

Step 2. check your product name is sexy and appealing.

Step 3. epic fail.


Ditmar-y Goodness

The Ditmar shortlist* is out and filled with talented folk and some very good friends (especially Jason and Pete, both up for Best New Talent) – congrats to all! Let there be frog cakes!

Best Novel
Fivefold, Nathan Burrage
Hal Spacejock: No Free Lunch, Simon Haynes
Tender Morsels, Margo Lanagan
How to Ditch Your Fairy, Justine Larbalestier
Daughter of Moab, Kim Westwood
Earth Ascendant, Sean Wiliams

Best Novella
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Daily Cabal – Lantern


I hear a ship’s bell at night, no matter how I block my ears. It’s loud as a crying soul. I hear the rush of the sea, too, though this house is landlocked but for the pond and the well. It’s all connected, I guess, the water of the world.

We used to live on the coast, once, my family
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Random Unfinished Thought – On Whether Characters Need to be 'Liked'

Do my characters have to be ‘likeable’?

Having had a couple of short story rejections this week (which is a designated taking-time-off-work-and-writing-like-a-caffeinated-monkey week), this is something I’ve been pondering. One of the rejections said “We didn’t like the main character”. This started me thinking about the received wisdom of readers needing to like your characters. (Admittedly, it also caused me to make
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Brisneyland by Night – Part Three

Ziggi dropped me home. I handed him a wad of the notes Bela had given me. Somehow it didn’t feel like my money. ‘Same time tonight.’

He nodded; drove off. I limped up the path. The jasmine was thick on the front fence, overpoweringly sweet …

The Daily Cabal – Twice!

I will have new stories at The Daily Cabal on Thursday and Friday this week. Brisneyland by Night – Part Three continues Verity’s adventures through a Brisbanian urban fantasy land (and I apologise to West End, I really am very fond of it). Lantern is just a good old
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Currently Reading, etc

On the bedside table at this very moment:

Catherine Valente’s Palimpsest (great word)

Diana Norman’s Daughter of Lir (an old fave, which I am revisiting)

Alex Bell’s Jasmyn (ARC for Strange Horizons)


Terry Jones’ Crusades

Rjurik Davidson + PS Publishing = Excitement and Snoopy Dancing

Good news should travel faster than it does: Rjurik Davidson has a short story collection coming out under the banner of those producers of beautiful books, PS Publishing ( It will glory in the title of The Library of Forgotten Books *sits down to wait impatiently, steepling fingers*