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"The Old Knowledge" by Rosalie Parker

UPDATE: This book is now available from Swan River Press.

A bit of a plug for Rosalie Parker (she’s one half of Tartarus Press). She has her first very own collection of short stories coming in September this year, The Old Knowledge.

“This first collection of tales by Rosalie Parker contains six stories that explore the uncanny in the modern world. As
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Alert! Alert!

Peter M Ball has a new story released into the wild – at Strange Horizons, no less. On the Destruction of Copenhagen by the War-Machines of the Merfolk. What’s not to like? Lives here

Oh and I think this is my fave

Ah, Facebook: giving eejits just a little more airtime. The Free World can sleep soundly.

Incoming MI6 chief in Facebook security slip

LONDON (AFP) – Photographs and personal details about the next head of Britain’s MI6 foreign intelligence service, John Sawers, were removed on Sunday from social networking website Facebook after they were published by a British newspaper.

The Mail on Sunday newspaper
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The Intern!!

Just discovered this and I now heart The Intern – lives here

Friday, June 19, 2009

hot publishing trendz ’09

Hot tips fresh from the past 5-6 editorial and pub board meetings:

-Vampires are IN.

-“me”-related books are OUT. (“it isn’t all about you any more! now it’s about “us”!)

-Twelve-step book are IN

-superfoods are on their way OUT.

-simplicity and simple living
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The Redoutable VanderMeer Strikes Again

Some wise words for young and old players about existing as a writerly soul … and again with the sacrifice stuff!

“… although some people think writing full-time is a right, I humbly disagree. Possibly those who think this have never really had to work a full-time job–and sometimes crappy ones, in the best tradition of writers throughout history. But in
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Voices in the Head

Why do the voices in my head never tell me to go to Hawaii?

Nooooo, they tell me to sit in the study and make up stories about people who don’t exist.

I spent the first part of yesterday editing 25k of the novel – admittedly a large chunk of that time was spent on swearing as I picked up inconsistencies in plot and working
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Don't Try This at Home – or Anywhere Else

Is Twitter the new way for people to make bad decisions in public? We’ve learned as a t’intertubed society not to feed trolls and not to email/text drunk. Now the new lesson is: don’t twitter angry, Alice Hoffman (there’s a Groundhog Day joke in there somewhere – although I suspect groundhogs lack the opposable thumb required to hold the phone). An ill-thought
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Clarkesworld # 34

Clarkesworld # 34 is now available online. Go and check it out if for no other reason than the very talented Lisa Hannett has a wonderful story there. A steampunk fable, ‘On the Lot and in the Air’, offers a clockwork fox in a wheelchair and a chorus of clockwork dames. What more do you want? Oh, and theres’ a
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From the Young Writers Boot Camp being held next door (conducted by the inestimable Cate Kennedy

‘If you can’t get a story to work, don’t throw it away. Put it in the story morgue and use it for body parts.’

Huzzah 🙂

On the (ig)Noble Art of Sacrifice

My clever friend, Kim Wilkins (beautiful talented successful writer, academic, award-winner, mother of two – hate her yet? made a comment today that got me thinking (sometimes it happens, me thinking). On FB last night, I said I was going to bed with the editing, and she commented that she sometimes read my status updates and imagined me
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