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Surprise Squeeee

Twelfth Planet Press is continuing its series of podcasts, and tonight it’s the turn of Brisneyland by Night – my story in the Sprawl anthology. Read by the delightful Alex. It’s both weird and delightful to hear my work read out loud – normally it’s just me, talking to myself.

T’is ‘ere

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Mea Culpa

I have been slack:

Trent Jamieson ( aka The Nicest Man in Spec-Fic) has his first novel out, with Orbit no less. Death Most Definite has been reviewed over here

Steven de Selby has a hangover. Bright lights, loud noise, and lots of exercise are the last thing he wants. But that’s exactly what he gets
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But, it's okay …

… coz tomorrow, I talk to Karen Miller about donuts, Star Wars, The Reluctant Mage and other stuff.


Rjurick Davidson’s awesomely titled The Library of Forgotten Books is available for order from PS Publishing (who produce gorgeous books). It’s available in soft and hard cover from here

Sally Collings on Author Platform – Take Note

Sally is an author, former editor with HarperCollins and currently runs Red Hill Publising in Brisbane. And she is wise:

Author platform: make a stand
If you make a living as a public speaker to large audiences, head up a major corporation, pastor a large church, appear on national radio or television frequently, or you’re a regular contributor in The Age or
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Sean Williams: Author, Raconteur, Choclit Connoisseur and Inaugural Drive-By Victim

(Photo by the ever-amazing Cat Sparks, at last year’s Aurealis Awards.)

Sean Williams is a prolific author of fantasy and science fiction – oh, and yeah, he’s talented too. Sean’s series include The Books of the Change, Astropolis, Geodesica, Broken Land … and
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We’re All Strangers Here: Deborah Biancotti and Baggage

Deborah Biancotti has done the world a favour by writing. She’s won Aurealis Awards and Ditmars.  Her short story collection, A Book of Endings (Twelfth Planet Press), has garnered attention both in Oz and overseas, and has bagged awards and recommendations ad infinitum (Look! Here’s a list, and been named on Guru of the Weird, Jeff VanderMeer’s Locus Online
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It's unspeakably early

I’m not a morning person – anything before 9.30am is stricly infra dig, sweetie (although work does like me to turn up at a reasonable hour), but this is a nice way to start the day.

One of the first reviews of Worlds Next Door over at Last Short Story (and via Aidan Doyle, he of Inksucker
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Blurby Goodness

Books start to feel real when you send back the final edits and then you get the blurb from your publisher. If I wasn’t so tired from typing up edits and the Most Awesome Wedding of Jason
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Today's moment of whimsy …

… brought to you by the ibis I saw this morning as I walked past the Art Gallery.

I thought how sad it was that the great god of writing had been reduced to bumming about in bins for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Shouldn’t they be in temples, being worshipped?

Wouldn’t it be nice if they could be gods again?