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Now, if I can only get a house like this …

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Let there be even more Snoopy Dancing in the World

I am so happy to see this announcement! Lisa L Hannett’s first book of short stories will be published next year by none other than Ticonderoga Publications. Ann and Jeff VanderMeer will write the Introduction. So many, many things good, right and proper with this news! 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’ve read
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I cannot vouch for the book …

… but this is easily the Best Book Trailer Ever.

Night of the Living Trekkies.

Some more WorldCon photos

Courtesy of El Diablo Flinthart

New Short Fiction: “L’esprit de L’escalier” by Peter M. Ball …

… is over at Apex! Huzzah!  And it totally got io9’d! Double huzzah!!

Rat opens the double doors and the stairwell smells of baking, the air thick with dull warmth and the smell of yeasty dough. He wrinkles his long nose and wonders if it will be like this for the entire way down, or if the doughy stink will gradually
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In the mail …

… was this beautiful-looking book, Music for Another World, edited by Mark Harding.

It has stories by, among others, Lisa L Hannett and Aliette de Bodard – which should be quite enough to recommend it. I shall read it and I shall review it. Stay tuned.

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All the pretty shinies

At WorldCon, one of the most
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Pre-Hugos Party

Cat Sparks’ (or Sparks’s – there’s been argument on FB) fabulous collection of photos from AussieCon4 live here.

This is my fave – at the pre-Hugos drinks with my friends AimĂ©e Lindorff and Lisa Hannett.


Y’all know how I like writerly wisdom. Here the lovely Mary Robinette Kowal gives signing lessons!

Debut Author Lessons: 10 things about signing books

One of the ways that an author connects to the reader is by signing books.  Here are some of the things that I’ve learned about signing things — not having a signing event, but the actual act of
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Gary Kemble bangs The Drum: Drinking the Kool Aid at WorldCon

Gary’s article for the ABC’s The Drum appears here – great wrap-up of WorldCon. A teaser below:

It’s not easy being a horror writer/fan. People look at you funny. And when they realise you won’t butcher them in their sleep, they dismiss your passion (‘I don’t like those slasher movies’) and then forward you links to grotesque news articles: Accused cannibal
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