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Alexandra Pierce reviews Sprawl from Twelfth Planet Press over at ASif.

She says kind things about ‘Brisneyland by Night’:

Angela Slatter uses the idea of there being a parallel, magical world to the mundane one, which only occasionally intersect – in this case, taking children from the mundane for nefarious purposes. It’s a great story, with entertaining characters and zippy dialogue.
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Almost incoherent with happiness

Via La Mantchev. For Christmas, please. Tardis Cookie Jar; it talks. I love you, ThinkGeek.

All Colour, No Taste

In defiance of the (quite reasonable) edict of my Other Half (which I have obeyed for eleven months) banning the purchase of new shoes (on the grounds that I have 57 pairs already), I have acquired these. I like to
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“The Web Means the End of Forgetting”

Or maybe it just means you need to be more circumspect about what you put out there on the t’intertubes. Always keep in mind that your LJ entries, Facebook statuses, webpages, blogs, Twitter accounts, etc, are
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Via the good graces of author Simon Groth

Because the new guy in our office wants us to know that he, too, can procrastinate like a professional 🙂 – 20 Awesomely Untranslatable Words from Around the World.

I give you # 3: 

Indonesian – “A joke so poorly told and so unfunny that one cannot help but laugh” (

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So I got annoyed and cranky

And when I get annoyed and cranky, there is baking. Behold: the nutella and sesame seed damper, produced last night at about 10.30pm ish.

Scheherazade’s Drive-by: Angie Rega

Angie Rega was one of the highlights of my Clarion South experience in 2009. She’s bright, funny, generous and is a very talented writer. Her imagination is dynamic, fertile and sparkling, and her writing is informed by a genuine love of
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Spelling: not an optional extra

We all makes spelling mistakes. I make spelling mistakes. I make them here – I do try to correct them as soon as Karen Miller tells me they’re here. But essentially, I know the difference between ‘there’, ‘their’
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Have Tentacles, Will Travel

I had to read that headline carefully a couple of times. Ahem.

At any rate, Innsmouth Free Press are calling for submissions for their Historical Lovecraft Anthology.

Historical fiction with a Lovecraftian twist. Stories should be set in a variety
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Review of The Girl with No Hands over at Scary Minds

A very considered review of The Girl with No Hands and Other Tales (Russ has asked that any other book I ever do with him has a shorter title – I have promised) over at Scary Minds. Thanks, Scary Minds! 🙂

I had an absolutely marvellous time with The Girl With No Hands and enjoyed each of the sixteen stories the
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