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We Have Always Lived in the Castle

Just finished reading the latest of my Shirley Jackson collection, We Have Always Lived in the Castle.

OMG. Maybe even more brilliant that The Haunting of Hill House. Poison. Crazy folk. Villagers with torches and pitchforks. Oh my!

‘In this village the men stayed young
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At long last

Here it is, the damned thing. All bound and delivered to the postgrad office, with only one minor heart attack when I found the doors of said office closed. This is, of course, not the end. There will
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Why did I not have a doll’s house like this?

Most glorious thing in the world from Marc Giai-Miniet.

Thanks to Lisa Hannett for the link to Fireflies in the Labyrinth, which is where I started the linky journey to this.

And now I am going back to
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The Last Words Drive-by: Richard Christian Matheson

American writer Richard Christian Matheson is a master of horror fiction and screenplays, a drummer, an expert on the occult and a paranormal researcher. His short story collections include Scars and Other Distinguishing Marks and Dystopia.  His debut novel Created By was a
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Things of beauty!

Much happiness today when the mail arrived:

T’is the catalogue from Nicolas Granger-Taylor’s latest exhibition.

Astonishing talent, beautiful, beautiful art!

There is a reason Barry Humphries owns NGT’s work!

Over at Innsmouth Free Press …

The lovely E. Catherine Tobler has a story in the forthcoming Candle in the Attic Windowby Innsmouth Free Press. Here, she chats about “The Snow Man”.

The dream was always the same, except when it
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The Ill at Ease Drive-by: Mark West

Mark West is a nice man (which seems to run in the British horror scene – interestingly enough). His titles include In The Rain With The Dead (from Pendragon Press), Strange Tales (Rainfall Books), Conjure (again with Rainfall Books) and
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New books!

Nice things to happen this week:

1. Death and the Spanish Lady by Carolyn Morwood and brought out by the lovely Pulp Fiction Press.

2. Mammoth Book of Best New Horror #22, edited by Stephen Jones.

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The Roots and All Drive-by: Brian Hodge

Normally, I cobble together bios for my drive-by victims … but why would I try to write anything other than what the man himself has on his website when it starts with the words ‘Bootlegger’ and ‘International
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Fumbling towards the PhD

Is me.

I’m in final stage PhDery, fumbling, mumbling, grumbling and scrambling towards the end of it all.

Today I will be breaking a cardinal rule and using my write club time to produce the Conclusion to the reflective essay. Pete will
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