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Literary Mix Tapes unleashes EIGHTY NINE …

… tomorrow.

Jodi Cleghorn’s eMergent Publishing is bringing out its first commercial anthology (via the Literary Mix Tapes imprint), 26 spec-fic stories under the banner of Eighty Nine.

Jodi says:

The Celebrations Blurb:

The theme is 1989 and the authors have woven into their
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News from Pan Macmillan Australia

Courtesy of the lovely Katherine Howell, this juicy piece of info:

Welcome to Manuscript Monday, a new initiative which is part of Pan Macmillan Australia’s manuscript submission process. If you’ve ever dreamed of getting published, and have a story
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A great post from Jennifer Represents …

… on word counts. Go here. That is all.

Win! Win! Win!

Win a signed copy of the World Fantasy nominated collection Sourdough and Other Stories. So on the homepage, look to the right of the screen, see the widgetty thingy?

Answer the question, enter and be in the running for
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Saturday morning excitementery!

Thanks to the evil genius of Rob O’Connor and Martin Livings I am now armed with the knowledge that Stephen Fry is bringing QI to Australia, specifically to Brisbane.  And he’s bringing some bloke called Alan Davies with
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In today’s mail …

Jeff VanderMeer’s gorgeous Steampunk Bible and Kelly Link & Gavin Grant’s equally fabulous Steampunk! Both hard cover goodness filled with awesome.

And in the latter is Kathleen Jennings’ truly wonderful graphic novelly, steampunky story about finishing schools and dentists.



The Remaining Drive-by: Richard Morgan

Richard K. Morgan began as a science fiction writer and is now a science fiction writer who’s able to cross over to fantasy, have a few drinks there and then go back until he’s ready for more cross-border travel. He’s
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First Book of Horrors review

And what a review! Woot. *snoopy dance*

In the introduction to this collection Stephen Jones makes an impassioned plea to reclaim the horror genre from the gathering hordes of vapid vampires and cliched zombies “for those who understand and appreciate the
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Myrtle Von Damitz

I seem to have agreed to become the managing editor for Ann and Jeff VanderMeer’s new site, which is launching the end of this month. The site is being created by Luís Rodrigues and the awesome
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PhDery … almost done

So, on Friday I did my final seminar for PhD – which is the penultimate torture before the torture of sending it out to examiners.

It was easily the worst presentation I’ve ever done – but equally, it doesn’t count for
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