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Bound by Alan Baxter

bound-cover-largeSo, my mate Alan Baxter has a book out on 1 July 2014. Bound is an action-packed, kickass, pulpy urban fantasy with martial arts, evil demons (is there any other kind?), a troubled hero, a take-no-crap heroine, and a really
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Is me … and will be me for a while

If you could turn this into a wheel, that would be more appropriate.

*goes back to grindstone*

Snurched from somewhere in the internetz

Snurched from somewhere in the internetz

The Spectral Book of Horror Stories

spectral-logo-23Very happy to announce that I’ve got a story in this inaugural volume from Spectral Press and edited by the redoubtable Mark Morris!

Look at that ToC!





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The Witch’s Scale – WiP

741176_461719090558318_206961913_oHard at work on my Spectral Press novella, The Witch’s Scale, purely because the idea sprang forth fully formed the other week. It details an episode in the history of Patience Sykes (one of my favourite characters) in between the
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Metropolitan Magic – Part Four

MagicCity-300Alchemy • Lucy Sussex

Three figures walked in single file in the evening heat haze besides the Euphrates River, heading homewards.

All women, shawled, hunched by the baskets on their backs. The last, youngest and smallest, was further slouched by the year-old baby
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Metropolitan Magic – Part Three

MagicCity-300The Land of Heart’s Desire • Holly Black

If you want to meet real-life members of the Sidhe—real faeries—go to the café Moon in a Cup, in Manhattan. Faeries congregate there in large numbers. You can tell them by the slight point
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Metropolitan Magic – Part Two

MagicCity-300Seeing Eye • Patricia Briggs

The doorbell rang.

That was the problem with her business. Too many people thought that they could approach her at any time. Even oh dark thirty even though her hours were posted clearly on her door and on
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One of the things I love about working with Kathleen Jennings is that when she’s mid-creative flow she sends me texts with images of what she’s doing. So imagine my delight the other night when I received these three, all for my Black-Winged Angels collection (Ticonderoga Publications).

Loud squeeeing noises ensued.

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Metropolitan Magic – Part One

MagicCity-300A new reprint anthology from Prime Books and the wonderful Paula Guran is here.

As Paula says in her her Introduction to Magic City: Recent Spells, “Without reality, there was no magic. The real and the unreal coexisted and were mutually dependent. Without
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