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The Spectral Book of Horror Stories: Mark Morris

markmorrisThe delightful and rather legendary Mr Mark Morris is the editor for the first volume of The Spectral Book of Horror Stories from Spectral Press (brainchild of the equally delightful Mr Simon Marshall-Jones). Mark was kind enough to answer some questions for
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Cover reveal – Suspended in Dusk

Behold, the cover for the Simon Dewar edited Suspended in Dusk from Books of the Dead. suspended-in-dusk


19 fantastic authors of the dark,the horrific, and the bizarre, will show you what it means to be Suspended in Dusk.

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And so …

… this happened last night: Alan Baxter’s Bound had its official launch at Kinokuniya in Sydney. By Margo Lanagan, so not too shabby. The book’s already going gangbusters and has gone into a second print run, and is doing very well in the review stakes. If you like fast-paced, gritty urban fantasy then Bound is the
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Over here, Pete talks about write club

HORNcover_600px-220x300My good mate and fellow write-clubber, Peter M. Ball is a much better blogger than I (as well as a self-described cantankerous house-cat).

Over here, he talks about our five years of write club, which has had a huge impact on both of
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bw7The postcards for The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings have arrived!

But you can’t see them yet as we’ve not revealed the cover.

But I do have to sign 350 to send off to Tartarus Press to go with the books when they’re sent
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The Writer in Winter

winterWell, mainly the writer is freezing. Queensland is not a state which concerns itself with winter overly much mostly because we’re in denial for ten months of the years that it even occurs. As a result, we don’t really insulate our houses
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