Again with the remiss

Where is my head at? Again with the missing of things.

Go to Read Horror and bathe in the dark glory that is Kirstyn McDermott.

What first attracted you to horror writing??

I’ve always been a voracious reader and the kinds of stories that have always attracted me have been the darker ones, the ones without a neat, happy ending, the ones that left me troubled for days, if not years, afterwards. So when I started writing these were the kinds of stories that came out. I never made a conscious decision to be a horror writer, and sometimes I do feel my work to be a difficult fit for the genre (My first novel took ages to find a home and the most common reason for rejection was given as, “It’s great but we just don’t know what to do with it.”). Without knowing precisely why, I find myself drawn to darkness. To the things we’re told not to look at, not to mention, not to think about. To the people who inhabit the social outskirts and the monsters we’re assured can’t exist. This is the very heart of horror, and it’s the place I feel most at home.

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