Australian Authors, please bend over

The Australian Productivity Commission has shafted Australian authors. Speakeasy has a rant:

Ozlit forced onto dole queue …

July 15th, 2009 | Books and Publishing, Business In The Industry, Industry News

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By now, you would have heard the anguished cries of authors around Australia railing against the Productivity Commission’s recommendations to lift all Parallel Importation Restrictions (PIR). The Commission’s report can be summed up a few keypoints:

  • repeal PIR protecting Australian publishers and independent booksellers in 3 years
  • ‘review’ the financial assistance needs of the Australian literary sector
  • ABS to survey industry and measure impact of changes in 5 years

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0 Responses to Australian Authors, please bend over

  1. So right, Angela.
    Here’s some interesting comments from’s comparative study of the top ten books selling in Australia:

    ‘Obviously these markups in Australian retail prices of non-Australian books is the huge price disparity everyone thinks of, BUT it has absolutely nothing to do with the argument over the parallel importation laws, which in my opinion should be retained—at the very least until the major English-language markets in the UK and USA agree to abolish their own restrictions.
    Anyone (Bob Carr, Allan Fels?) who thinks that books by Australian authors imported by the big book sellers from the USA or UK would be cheaper over the longer term would have to explain the massive disparity shown in Table 2.
    Unless they are in a parallel universe where the usual retailing laws do not apply.’

    If you want to read the full report:

  2. Flinthart says:

    Aaaahhhhh FU_K!

    Lord, what choices we are given. John Howard’s lot of bastards had to go, sure. But could we not have been given someone SLIGHTLY smarter?

  3. angelaslatter says:

    And two of the books these eejits used to ‘judge cultural merit’? The New Testament and Mein Kampf. God-bothering Nazis, anyone?