Bad Women: Goneril

LearsDaughtersThe delightful and talented Thoraiya Dyer has chosen her favourite “bad” woman: Goneril from King Lear.

So, King Lear is supposed to be all about how shit it is to have ungrateful children. He has three daughters and also a massive head, apparently; he asks them which one loves him the most and he’s going to split the kingdom according to their sycophantic answers. We are supposed to love the youngest, Cordelia, because of her honesty and ability to forgive the rather unforgiveable banishment she receives at her royal father’s hands, but really, Goneril’s actions make the most sense.

My old man wants his arse kissed? Sure! I’ll kiss his arse! But his knights are pretty loud and they take up lots of room, how about shutting them up or getting the hell out of my husband’s castle? Oh, he’s leaving. Bye, Dad! Actually, me too. My husband is boring and I think I’ll get this sexy rebellious bastard son to kill him. What? My sister wants into sexy bastard’s pants, too? It’s lights out for her. Get me some poison.


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