Call My Agent!

This is an excellent site: Call My Agent! If agents are a mystery to you (aren’t they always?) then head on over and have a browse.

Agent Sydney says: “Call My Agent! is a blog written by Agent Sydney, an Australian literary agent. Call My Agent! hopes to shed light on the sometimes shadow-shrouded world of publishing in order to help writers work out how the hell they get published.”

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0 Responses to Call My Agent!

  1. Cat Sparks says:

    It is indeed a great blog. I’ve been reading the query letter dissections with great fascination. I think I’ve learned more from this blog than all the panels I’ve ever attended combined.

  2. angelaslatter says:

    I think it’s brilliant advice. Some people in the spec-fic area seem to think it doesn’t apply to them for some reason which is beyond my tiny mind.