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Last call for GenreCon Volunteers

The lovely folk at GenreCon have put out a last call for volunteers, Brisneyland peoplegc-2013-web-banner.

Go on, you know you want to. It’s good for your karma – also, there may be cookies.

Go here for the details.

One Small Step

The lovely Tehani of FableCroft has announced the ToC for her new (early) 2013 anthology, One Small Step. Happy to see quite a few friends in this one!

You’ll note a story by Lisa Hannett and I, “By Blood
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We have lift-off

Gary Kemble’s photo

And Midnight and Moonshine was officially launched last night!

Thanks to Avid Reader for providing a lovely venue and to Trent Jamieson for his eloquent hostessing (“Your exits are here, here and here – and buy the
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Inappropriate author behaviour tips

Okay, as part of a series of public service announcements for authors in general I’m going to occasionally do some posts about inappropriate author behaviour.

While you may think some of these are ‘promotional opportunities’ for your own work (self-published authors
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Out in the Wild

Yes! Midnight and Moonshine is being delivered all over the country (or, y’know, in bits of it). First two reports of arrivals are in from Melbourne.

What we (Lisa and I) would love to see are photos of folks
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Oh, and also …

 … revisiting some art from the past. The lovely Chrissy Ellsworth did this gorgeous piece, which was used as the inspiration for my story “Dresses, three” that appeared in Shimmer‘s Art Issue in 2008 (methinks).

A truly superb post from Peter M. Ball

Things I would do if I were planning on becoming an indie publisher…


To put it bluntly: I wouldn’t even bother epublishing until I was routinely cranking out 2,500 to 3,000 words every day on a regular
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Good advice

8 Rules of Writing from Grandmaster Gaiman, as laid out over at Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings.

Put one word after another. Find the right word, put it down.
Finish what you’re writing. Whatever you have to do to finish it, finish
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Lovely Jo Fletcher Books are Lovely

As is the lovely Jo Fletcher herself. 😀

Midnight and Moonshine = Starred Review from PW


First review for this book.

Midnight and Moonshine
Lisa L. Hannett and Angela Slatter. Ticonderoga (, $14.99 trade paper (324p) ISBN 978-1-92185-730-0

In “Seeds,” the opening story of Hannett and Slatter’s innovative dark
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