Conversation and the Nerd Crown

In the office this afternoon, I won the Nerd Crown.

Angela to Aimée, whose boyfriend has just made a super-geeky-nerdy comment about this clip: Your boyfriend is officially nerdier than mine.

Aimée: Really?

Angela: Yeah. Of course, Jodi’s has a Nostromo patch for his jacket, which means he out-nerds mine and yours.

Jodi: He also made a model of The Nostromo.

Aimée: What’s The Nostromo?

Angela *rolling eyes*: The ship from Alien.

Kate: How did you know that? How did you know the ship was called The Nostromo? I do believe you have out-nerded me! You have the crown!

And so, I win. *is currently wearing crown* 

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