Dark Satanic Mills – first review

A really terrific review by Anthony Watson of Great British Horror 2: Dark Satanic Mills, edited by Steve J. Shaw (Black Shuck Books). Plus, I got to be in an anthology with authors and friends whose work I love.

Very kind words for my story, too, “Our Lady of Wicker Bridge”:

The guest international author for this volume is Angela Slatter who provides the book’s first urban myth story in Our Lady of Wicker Bridge. The myth tells of a pale woman who will approach those who were suffering and offer them a deal. The story is old in present tense, lending it an air of immediacy and revolves around social worker Tricia, taking over the “beat” of her mentor Hermione who has gone missing, leaving behind the burnt out remains of her car.

It’s a deeply atmospheric story that vividly creates the desolation of the housing estate in which most of the action takes place. Throw in a deeply scary little girl and the scene is set for a wonderful modern ghost story which is one of the highlights of the collection.

The rest is here.

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