First Review of 'Horn' to hit t'internets

From Nyssa at

“A brilliant and very unique story.

Miriam Aster was once a cop – and also dead, but she doesn’t remember much of it – and is looking for her next month’s rent, which comes in the form of a mate at the morgue with an unusual corpse.

You’ll never look at the fey or unicorns the same ever again. Ball uses a more traditional fey for this brilliant novella, dark manipulators that pull on the puppet strings of humanity. Of the unicorn and its appearances within, there is no like in any other story. Forget Peter S Beagle’s classic tale, forget the legends of the purity and innocence of the magical horned beast. This is Horn …”

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0 Responses to First Review of 'Horn' to hit t'internets

  1. MudCrab says:

    I read it Sunday night. Not completely sure I enjoyed it due to some of the ‘themes’ followed and felt if anything it could have been a bit longer.

    Might hide my copy deep in a shelf just in case any visitors see it and ask to borrow it – don’t want people to think I am too into Unicorns in “that” way…. 🙂

  2. tanaudel says:

    I think that could be a good one-line review in itself: “Read it… then hide it.”