Happy birthday to me …

arcofthevigilant… and I got a lovely present of an excellent review of Vigil by Dark Matter Zine.

Verity Fassbinder is a halfling: she’s half human and half Weyrd (fae). Her father was a kinderfresser, a man who killed human children to harvest them for nefarious purposes. After Verity’s father was caught, imprisoned and killed, her human grandparents raised her. The sins of the father are visited upon the children, especially when the child feels guilty; Verity keeps vigil over her hometown of Brisbane, Australia, as recompense.

Now children are going missing; another kinderfresser may be at work. Then a siren (winged woman) is murdered. Verity is called in as a consultant to the human police force in the hopes of capturing the killer and keeping the Weyrd secret.

Verity tangles with sirens, seers, Baba Yaga and many other faery creatures; Angela Slatter is, after all, a Doctor of Faery Tales. And a Master but, well, we all know who wins between the Master and the Doctor.

Many thanks, Nalini!


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