I am listening to …

… an agents and publishers seminar – Lyn Tranter of ALM and Annette Barlow of Allen & Unwin talking about what they do and how their parts of the industry work. T’is most interesting.

Lesson highlights to this point:

  • learn your market;
  • learn how all parts of the writing and publishing industry work;
  • be polite to everyone you ever meet;
  • be especially polite to everyone who is part of the writing and publishing foodchain;
  • listen to the advice you are given, even when (perhaps especially when) it’s from someone rejecting your manuscript because just maybe they are right;
  • target the right agent (just because one agent says ‘no’ doesn’t mean no agent will ever want to represent you);
  • target the right publisher for your genre (just because one publisher says ‘no’ doesn’t mean no¬†publisher will ever want your manuscript);
  • if you’re creating a platform for yourself on the web, remember that someone is always watching/reading, so be careful what you put out there –¬†it can come back to haunt you;
  • did I mention be polite to everyone?

The entire seminar will be available from Queensland Writers Centre at some time in the near future – keep an eye out at www.qwc.asn.au.

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