In which there are critters …

Over at Shared Worlds, a group of us were give the chance to ‘choose our critter’ and write a little history for it. I made up Cloud-Bibbles, Lavie Tidhar introduces the world to Zoltar and Neil Gaiman’s Shadder is standing right behind you.

There are heaps of others, catalogued by the likes of Lev Grossman, Eugie Foster, Matt Cheney, Karin Tidbeck, Gene Wolf, J M McDermott, N K Jemisin, Patrick Rothfuss, Michael Moorcock, and more.

Head over here for all of the critters.

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2 Responses to In which there are critters …

  1. Greg Bossert says:

    Angela, I’ve been staring at these Critters for a couple of weeks, as I helped put together the website, and the entire time I was singing “Cloud-bibble, cloud-bibble” under my breath. What a great name! And chortling evilly at the sight of children playing under the chubby watchful, waiting clouds.

  2. Angela says:

    Bwahahhaha! A you may have guessed I was disliking on children at the time! Glad to have put an earworm in your brain 🙂