Jason Nahrung on indie press

The lovely Tehani over at FableCroft has asked a few erudite folk to write about their experiences with indie press – yes, the press that wears dreadlocks.

Or not. Jason Nahrung has renamed it ’boutique press’, which makes it sound like it’s had a haircut, burned its hemp trousers and purchased a pair of leopard print slingback mules.

He waxes erudite and amusing here.

Small press, indie press … the nomenclature is changing with the boom in self-publishing and the subversion of the established tag of indie press. So at the pub the other day, where all great decisions are made, my writing buddies and I reached consensus that “boutique press” was a cooler, more accurate name for those who publish the works of others on a cottage industry basis. Or something like that. We were, after all, at the pub.

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