Meanwhile, over at Writing Excuses

This is a great noise-pod – one day, Virginia, you too may earn yourself a writing assistant! No, you may not use them to send flowers to your mum or buy tasteless apology scarves for your wife/husband. So, writing assistants and what they do.

Peter Ahlstrom, assistant to Brandon Sanderson, and Valerie Dowbenko, assistant to Pat Rothfuss, join Brandon and Dan to talk about what they do for “their authors.”

While this may seem like an incredible luxury — most of you listeners aren’t going to rush out and hire an assistant — there are things that can be farmed out from the earliest stages of your career as a professional writer. The goal, of course, is for the writer to find more time to write.

It’s also a lot of fun to hear Peter and Valerie talk about how they keep Brandon and Pat writing, and to listen to them talk about some of the unusual things they do as part of this job.

Thanks, Mary Robinette Kowal for the linkery. Go here for the link.

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