NatCon! Or Why Did I Book Such an Early Flight??

Conjecture, aka the 48th Australian National SF Convention, will be occurring in Adelaide as of this Friday.  GoH is the award-winning, best-selling (two words it’s always nice to see together, just like ‘choclit’ and ‘cake’ … mmm, wait, do the hyphenated words count as four words?) Julie E. Czerneda. Getting there will involve me getting out of bed at 4am tomorrow in order to get out of the house by 5am in order to get to the Brisneyland airport by 6am in order to check in for a 7am flight. Note to self: cheapest flight not always best flight. *sigh* Looks like I will be viewing dawn again, something I live my life trying to avoid. Perhaps if I just close my eyes?

But to the Con – highlights include:

Book launch of Horn by Peter Ball, via the machinations of Twelfth Planet Press.

Sean Williams on DJ duty at the Maskobalo on Saturday night (right after the Ditmars).

A seminar about getting published by the good Kate Eltham and myself – well, it’s less a highlight than a reminder to myself to get out of bed early on Sunday and get to the venue and fill up on coffee in order to appear lucid.

A Haighs choclit factory tour.

Panel-y goodness such as Urban Fantasy, High Fantasy & Magical Realism; The Academic as Hero; Cities of the Future; The Women in Science Question; New Who; and other ‘stuff’.

Most imporantly there will be frog cakes, choclit snakes and choclit frogs, discussing a novella with Dirk Flinthart, my friends and the other half of my brain, LL Hannett.

So if you’re in Adelaide this long weekend, head on over –

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0 Responses to NatCon! Or Why Did I Book Such an Early Flight??

  1. Peter M Ball says:

    While I morn the fact that I will be missing the pirate party on Thursday eve, I’ll at least take comfort in the knowledge that my cheap flight involves leaving at a reasonable hour (7 PM) and a full compliment of sleep 🙂

  2. Flinthart says:

    And I am greatly looking forward to meeting La Belle Hannett in person, too.

    But I think I can beat your Early Flight Blues. I have an 0600 exit from Launceston tomorrow morning, and a changeover in Melbourne.

    Yay. Go me.