New Fiction: The Dark

The May issue of The Dark is out with new fiction by myself and Sara Saab, and awesome reprints by Georgina Bruce & Brenna Gomez.

I love, love, love the cover as it reminds me of illustrations for Poe’s “The Black Cat”.

“The Wilderling”

LP was in the kitchen, doing the dishes in desultory fashion, cursing Kurt’s refusal to shell out for a dishwasher (“Already got one and she cooks too,” accompanied by a slap on the ass was his standard reply), and staring at the overgrown foliage of the back yard; it tangled with the old growth woods their property bordered. It was the movement that caught her eye, slow but still kinda sharp, cautious and nervous, and pretty soon there was this kid creeping out of the trees and shrubs and long grass.

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