On Behalf of All Writers, I Apologise

This is why editors and publishers make voodoo dolls of us and stick pins in them:

has anyone seen my shotgun?

[Phone rings. It is one of my authors, whose book is publishing shortly–long ago catalogued etc.]

Author: I’ve been thinking, the title of my book shouldn’t be [TITLE HERE]. It would be much more powerful if it were [HERE TITLE]. More poetic and timeless, definitely.

YT: …Yes. I saw the email you wrote to Robert the Publisher about that.

Author: Well, you said the title was out of your hands, so I thought I should explain my reasons to him.

YT: …Yes, and now you have. [Much good may it do you.]

The rest lives here http://editorialass.blogspot.com/2010/01/has-anyone-seen-my-shotgun.html

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