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writing-in-a-notebook… I talk Networking.

Specifically, I offer my top five tips for navigating the minefield that is networking as a writer.

“Networking” isn’t a dirty word. Unfortunately, sometimes it feels dirty. Some writers will tell you that the entire idea of networking dilutes or sullies your art ? that you should get back to starving in your garret, producing a masterpiece that people will magically know about when it’s done.

The word has most certainly received a bad rap courtesy of all those movies about high finance, serial killers, and people who compare the size of their business cards. But it needn’t be a word to set you all aquiver in a bad way. Let’s reframe it as a useful word, a helpful word, a word that doesn’t make you think of some wanker in an expensive suit ahead of you in the queue ordering a half-caf decaf vanilla mocha frappuccino with a light sprinkling of lemongrass. So, here are five ideas to get you thinking differently about networking and to help you identify networking opportunities.

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