Calling any and all Brisbanites (like Carrionites, but better with sun and less likely to ruin Shakespeare’s life – oh, watch Dr Who, for the love of …) who may be in the vicinity of Pulp Fiction Books (Shop 28-29, Anzac Square Arcade, Brisbane City) on 15th of September 2010 – yes, it’s early, let’s call it a ‘date claimer’ – at noon, then Kirstyn McDermott will be in-store, signing copies of the beautiful Madigan Mine.

Go along, say ‘Hi’, tell her I sent you. Take her choclits. Actually on second thoughts, that might be creepy. No choclits.

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2 Responses to Pssssssst

  1. Oh no, I will happily accept all choclits.

    Cheeky … making this announcement before me. 😉 For sure, I am a lazy bint.

  2. angelaslatter says:

    Well, if by now you’ve not realised I am (a) a tremendous gossip, (b) a networking publicity monkey in the interests of writers whose work I love and admire, and (c) an occasional force for good, then you’ve not been paying attention :-PPPPPPPPPPPP.