Reason #412 to go to Aussiecon4

There are many reasons to go to Worldcon in Melbourne this September, one of them is that Zeno Literary Agency will be there, looking for unagented authors of the Australian and New Zealandish persuasion only.

Submissions Open for Authors Attending This Year’s Worldcon…

Posted in News | April 16th, 2010

Are you going to be at the Melbourne Worldcon in September? Are you an unagented author based in either Australia or New Zealand who will be attending? Are you an unagented author from somewhere else, but somehow independently wealthy enough to be going to the con? In either case, are you any good??

More here

Client list includes: Aliette de Bodard, Will Elliott, Charlaine Harris, Ian R. Macleod, Ian McDonald, John Meaney, Lavie Tidhar … I believe the phrase ‘not too shabby’ applies here.

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