Red New Day & Other Microfictions

So this happened.

I’ve got a new collection of microfictions out today from Brain Jar Press.

Now, if you have queries about availability, etc, please direct them to the publisher, Brain Jar Press – coz I will just tell you to do that anyway. All good?

Oh! And also the cover art is by Thailand-based artist named Tithi Luadthong. Amazing work.

RED NEW DAY & OTHER MICROFICTIONS is a chapbook collection of 16 vignettes and microfictions. Preorder your copy at your favourite bookstore, or order direct from Brain Jar Press and get $4.99 off the print book price.

Red New Day & Other Microfictions (PREORDER)

Chapbook, Ebook

Out 7 September 2020

Mechanised monkeys, betrayed brides, irritable gorgons, harpists playing instruments of bone, acts of vengeance, and furies eager to feast. 

Red New Day and Other Microfictions is a collection of vignettes from World Fantasy Award winner Angela Slatter, collected together for the very first time. Known as one of Australia’s finest authors of dark fantasy and sinister horror, Slatter’s myth-inspired morsels and terrifying short tales will remind you of the uncanny, wild, and beautiful things that can be found in small packages.

Paperback • 48 pp • ISBN 978-0-9808274-0-8


Preorder here.

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