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Some exciting news!

AAPS-Header1Kathleen Jennings and I have signed with the most excellent Alex Adsett Publishing Services for the representation of our illustrated works!

That means Genevieve and the Dragon will have someone to find them a home, and future illustrated books such as Skin,
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Genre Con Oz 2013 – Where Stuff Didst Happenst

So, from Friday 11 Oct through to Sunday 13 Oct, I was embedded in Genre Con Oz at SLQ … in the manner of an especially happy tick in the neck of a particularly juicy bullock.


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I can’t get an agent! What do I do?

You’ve got a few choices:

1. Be your own agent. You’ll need to be up on legalese and contract-speak, advances and rights, so think carefully whether you want to spent a lot of your energy on this side of the business.

2. Keep looking for an agent in a Pollyanna’ish attack of optimism. Don’t despair – the right agent may just come
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