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Conflux: A Grimm Tales Report

Ellen Datlow, Kaaron Warren, Angela Slatter at Muse. Photo by Cat Sparks

So the title is so misleading!

It was great! Grimm but great!  But not grim.

As some of you’ll know from my constant stream of selfies (sorry!) I spent this past weekend in
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Mermaids and Fairy Midwives

Over at the Review of Australian Fiction, Angie Rega and I have stories in the latest issue!

Mine is “The Little Mermaid, in Passing” (which took some inspiration from Mike Mignola’s “The Third Wish” and Damien Angelica Walters’ “Sing Me
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Huzzah! Postscripts 32/33 Far Voyager

postscripts-32-33-far-voyager-jhc-edited-by-nick-gevers-2524-p[ekm]298x418[ekm]At long last the latest PS Postscripts anthology is available! It contains my story “Winter Children”, as well as tales by Lisa L Hannett, Angie Rega, Suze Willis, Alan Baxter, Gio Clairval, Rio Youers, Alison Littlewood, Gary Fry, and many others!


You can
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Angie and Suze

Suze and Angie at Clarion South!

Suze and Angie at Clarion South!

Two of my very dear friends, who also happen to be extraordinarily talented emerging writers, Angie Rega and Suzanne Willis, are making names for themselves!

Visit Suzanne’s new website here and
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Artwork by Pete Von Sholly's "Troop Inspection" f

Artwork by Pete Von Sholly’s “Troop Inspection” f

Huzzah! At last it’s happening! FAR VOYAGER POSTSCRIPTS #32/33 from PS Publishing is on its way. The ToC is awesome, and I’m really pleased by how many Aussies
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Books arriving whilst I was away

Just some of the books that arrived whilst I was away at WFC:

IMG_1759Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales, edited by Paula Guran (Prime), has entered the world rather quietly but is gorgeous and loudly lovely. Stories by Tanith Lee, Theodora
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Launching: The Cobbler Mage

Art by Rebekah Pearson

Art by Rebekah Pearson

My lovely and talented friend Angie Rega is launching her first book this Saturday, 5 October 2013, at 5.30pm.

The Cobbler Mage will have champagne poured all over it at the gorgeous Alice & Co at
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Black Apples

Black Apples by Julia Chiang

Black Apples by Julia Chiang

Black Apples from Belladonna Publishing has a Table of Contents to look forward to, not least because it includes Angie Rega and Alison Littlewood:

A Winter Evening – Sarah L Byrne And Gold in
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Sydney Weekender


View from the Intercontinental

I’ve returned from a wonderful weekend in Sydney. Having lived there for four years at one point it was a bit weird to find that this time I felt like a foreigner there. Don’t know why – I
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Go here …

angie rega… ’tis the new online home of the fabulous and talented Angie Rega.

As I said, go here.

Keep an eye out for The Cobbler Mage, due out in April 20143 from Little Fox.