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Useful Post from Ekaterina Sedia

Really, really useful info from someone who has just edited an anthology (via the Bibliophile Stalker) … from Ekaterina Sedia.

Things I’ve Learned from BEWERE THE NIGHT

And that’s a wrap! All the responses went out, so please query if you haven’t received yours. I will announce the final ToC as soon as I confirm a couple of contributors, but
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Hello, Nicola Morgan

I’ve only just found Nicola Morgan through the graces of the Bibliophile Stalker, and already I heart her sensible advice.

Agent Pitching Etiquette contains such gems as: “be sensitive to the glazing over of the eyes of an agent”, “we also need to display good behaviour and common sense”, and “it will gain you nothing if you bore the pants off
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Bonus Drive-By: Charles Tan, the Bibliophile Stalker

It’s not stalking if you really love the person … that’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

If you’ve spent any time on t’internetz looking for useful information about the spec-fic scene chances are very, very good that you’ve come across the Bibliophile Stalker, aka Charles Tan. Charles is
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Catherynne Valente – Rules for Editing

Via the Bibliophile Stalker, this from Catherynne Valente (she of Palimpsest fame)  made me laugh and nod … this is my favourite line, but I’d suggest reading the whole damned thing:

I cannot begin to understand the logic that says: BORING STUFF UP FRONT, AWESOME TO THE BACK.


A Writer's Bio

I was interested to see this post over at Twelfth Planet Press http://twelfthplanet.livejournal.com/12338.html on author bios (via Bibliophile Stalker).

Last week I was teaching this in my class, trying to emphasise the importance of having a few standard bios handy – because, trust me, you will be asked for one. Newbie authors say “Oh, but I haven’t had anything published/accepted –
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The Stalker Reviews

The Bibliophile Stalker reviews Scary Kisses over here http://charles-tan.blogspot.com/2010/05/bookmagazine-review-scary-kisses-edited.html and says some nice things :-).

Stroppy Author's Guide to Publishing

I gave a happy sigh when I saw this (via the Bibliophile Stalker). Useful, sensible, no-nonsense advice. 🙂

How to read a publishing contract (5)


What I Do When I Get Stuck – by Margo Lanagan

Appearing over at Steph Su Reads (via the Bibliophile Stalker), awesome advice from the Queen of the Wicked Tale, Margo Lanagan (long may she reign).

Lots of people (including many schoolchildren) ask me what I do when a story stops working, or just stops – stops feeding itself through my brain onto
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Bibliophile Stalker …

… the charming Charles Tan kindly interviewed me a few weeks back – here t’is a sampler:

Hi! Thanks for agreeing to do the interview. First off, what got you interested in speculative fiction?

I’ve always had a lot of fantasy/science fiction in my reading lists. I blame my mother for starting me on fairytales as a child and the traumatising effects
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Two of My Favourite Things

Bibliophile Stalker meets Kaolin Fire …

Kaolin Fire is a conglomeration of ideas, side projects, and experiments. Web development is his primary occupation, but he also develops computer games, edits Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine, and occasionally teaches computer science. He has had short fiction published in Strange Horizons, Tuesday Shorts, Escape Velocity, and Alienskin Magazine, among
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