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Lisa Hannett's "The Good Window"

The lovely and talented Lisa Hannett’s story The Good Window is currently appearing at Fantasy Magazine … this was one of the products of our Clarion South sojourn and rightly deserves its place in the sun!

The tape measure recoiled into its pocket-sized case with a satisfying snap. Ned smiled, wiped flecks of nail polish from the tape’s metal tip, and
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Would You Like Editing With That?




(kitteh snurched from Lolcats)

I spend much of my time editing, both for myself and for other people. Some days I enjoy it. Some days I think it is a punishment from the universe not only for my sins in this life, but also the sins I’ve committed in, oh say, my
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Posty Posterton

A great article by Aidan “Add More Monkeys” Doyle, one of my fellow Clarionites from the 09 rendition of Clarion South.


Clarion South – Redux

An interview on Tor.com by the excellent Matt Staggs with Clarion South Convenors and general powerhouses, Kate Eltham and Rob Hoge.


SOS for Clarion South (snurched from Karen Miller)

The Clarion workshops, held in the US and Australia, are intensive 6-week spec fic writing bootcamps.  Below is a message from Kate Eltham, one of the organisers of the workshop. If you think you might want to write for publication some day, and maybe even dream of attending Clarion yourself … please help if you can.

Due to a run of really
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Post-Clarion Post – Part Deux

The following is cobbled together from several of my Clarion-embedded posts on LJ. It’s funny to look back on them three weeks out – and it’s always nice to be able to strip away the weeping/wailing component that inevitably went with the intensity of being ‘in-country’.

On learning to crit: In week 2, one of my fellow Clarionites asked how I
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The Clarion Post We Had to Have – Part One

(This is long – go get a coffee, maybe a biscuit … off you go, I’ll wait … )

And so, it is now almost two weeks since seventeen Clarion South 2009 alums left our luxurious digs at Kelvin Grove and returned to our everyday lives only to find that we no longer
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