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David Versace: Seven Excerpts from Season One

david-versaceDavid Versace (Twitter @_Lexifab) lives with his family in Canberra. He occupies his time between meetings of the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild with minor acts of public service. His work appears in the CSFG anthology Next and in the forthcoming
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The Writer and the Critic goes Patreon …

dtct books Stack of books CREDIT: PHOTODISC

dtct booksStack of booksCREDIT: PHOTODISC

… which basically means you can pay Mondy to sing a song every podcast.

You know you want it.  Go here, give money.

My point?

One of my fave podcasts, run by the award-winning and
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The 2nd Spectral Book of Horror Stories: Robert Shearman

robWhat could be better than a bonus interview from The 2nd Spectral Book of Horror Stories leading light, Mr Rob Shearman (also, coincidentally, one of my favourite people and writers)? The answer is: Nothing. Nothing could be better.

Rob’s hobbies include collecting World
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Flight – why is Kathleen Jennings so awesome?

Because the scarf the Giantess knits is a Doctor Who scarf. That is all.


The 2nd Spectral Book of Horror Stories: Paul Finch

Paul 3Paul Finch is a former cop and journalist, and, having read History at Goldsmiths College, London, a qualified historian, though he currently earns his living as a full-time writer.

He cut his literary teeth penning episodes of the British TV crime drama,
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Sofa Ratings

We’ve spent a fair bit of time at furniture stores in the last few months … okay, we’ve done it twice, but it feeeeeeels like it’s happened over and over again, like being trapped in a nasty temporal loop … and anyway, everything’s got a sticker with a rating on it.

Softness rating. Bounce-back-ability of foam rating. Stain-resistant rating. Chance of
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Charlie McDonnell, Video-Blogger, musician, and nerd

Hilarious, clever and a bit cool, is Charlie.

Also, he speaks to our dark lord and master, Neil, which is an interesting look at Doctor Who generational shifts.

Oh, and this has to be added, coz, bagders.