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Steampunk Reloaded

Now the site is back on its legs, I give you this.

My last hurrah over at Ecstatic Days

Thanks to Jeff VanderMeer for letting me blogsit over at the memory cathedral. Less thanks for leaving me with Evil Monkey, although I understand why no kennel would take him.

This evening I had the weekly write-club session with my writing buddy Peter M. Ball (the man who committed the novella Horn). I went back over the novel, which I’ve not
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Alisa K visits Ecstatic Days

(And is smart enough not to accept raisin danishes from Evil Monkey.)

Alisa Krasnostein is editor and publisher at Twelfth Planet Press, an Australian indie press for fresh, new speculative fiction. She is also Executive Editor of the review website ASif!, member of Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth and part of the podcasting team
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Guesting over at Ecstatic Days …


Meanwhile, over at Ecstatic Days


Committing more graffiti over at Ecstatic Days

Here, I re-rant about Author Platform.


Blogsitting at Ecstatic Days

I’m one of the folk blogsitting for Jeff VanderMeer over at Ecstatic Days.

General Rules for blogsitting:

1. Water the plants;

2. Don’t break the good china or crystal;

3. Don’t drink the cellar dry and replace all the wine with red cordial;

4. Don’t get eaten by the cats and never, ever trust what the monkey tells you.

Over the next few weeks …

… I’ll be guest blogging over at Jeff VanderMeer’s Ecstatic Days. This will involve, much as this blog does, random thoughts and hopefully something useful and amusing. Unlike this blog, over there I have to deal with Evil Monkey and three cats.

Jeff VanderMeer's The Quickening

Some VanderFiction over at Ecstatic Days:

In the old, tattered photo Sensio has been dressed in a peach-colored prisoner’s uniform made out of discarded tarp and then tied to a small post that Aunt Etta made me hammer into the ground. Sensio’s long white ears are slanted back behind his head. His front legs, trapped by the crude arm holes, hang
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The Door to the House of VanderMeer

Well, not really, but this is an awesome post for writers http://www.jeffvandermeer.com/2010/01/06/finch-novel-opening-chapters-discarded-approaches/. In which Jeff discusses his opening chapters of Finch, the bits he left in, the bits he left out and why, and some interesting comments on authorial intention.

Crafty goodness.