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The Heart is a Mirror for Sinners

Over at Tales to Terrify, “The Heart is a Mirror for Sinners” is available for your listening pleasure!

This story originally appeared in the exquisitely produced Murder Ballads edited by Mark Beech (Egaeus Press, March 2017).

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Spectral Book of Horror Stories: Stephen Volk’s Newspaper Heart

S_volk2MA9314721-0001Mr Stephen Volk is the mind behind such gems as Gothic, Ghostwatch, and Afterlife … please take a moment to indulge in the traditional Wayne’s World “We’re not worthy” obeisance. Done? Excellent. He’s been quite rightly described
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Friday's Drive-by: Jason Nahrung

Jason Nahrung is the other half of an Aussie spec-fic writing duo – the other half is Kirstyn McDermott. I’d love to say that, as a duo, they dress up at night and fight crime, but
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