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Highly Irrelevant Post

katertotThe Arts Queensland Poet-in-Residence Hinemoana Baker just returned from her trip on the Q150 Writers Train – details blogged here http://poetinresidence.wordpress.com/. She was onboard with Queen of Darkness Kim Wilkins, Nick Earls, and my leader Kate Eltham. Why am I blogging this? Because I just saw this photo
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spoken in one strange word – QPF


The annual (and awesome) Queensland Poetry Festival opens this
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Mandatory Poetry – or Hinemoana Baker Rocks the House.

I am first person to admit that I’m often rude about poets. Since I’ve been working with the talented Julie Beveridge (Home is Where the Heartache Is), I’ve become better … although I’m not going to stop making jokes about people who exhaust themselves spending a day┬átrying to work out where to put a comma. The day Jules explained to
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