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Today at FableCroft, I commit a rant

… or something closely related to one as I opine on small/indie press.

Introductory Caveat

Let me start out by saying that over the past six years I’ve worked with and encountered a lot of small and indie presses, both in the Land of Oz and overseas. So, this is not directed at anyone in particular – although if
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Jason Nahrung on indie press

The lovely Tehani over at FableCroft has asked a few erudite folk to write about their experiences with indie press – yes, the press that wears dreadlocks.

Or not. Jason Nahrung has renamed it ’boutique press’, which makes it sound like
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Before I head off into PhDery …

… a word from Sean Williams about indie press over at the lovely Fablecroft.

It seems strange now that there was ever a time when small press was thin on the ground in Australia, but in the early nineties publishers big
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