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The Quantum Drive-by: Justina Robson

Justina Robson is the author of eight novels (four in the Quantum Gravity series), she’s a grad of York University (linguistics and philosophy). She’s also a Clarion survivor (of the West variety) She was recently a guest of honour at
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Swancon Booty

Behold, the reasons why my luggage was so damned heavy on the way back from Perth … in addition to the books in the con showbag … and there may have been some clothing purchased too (shhhhhhh!).

Love and
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Swancon – Part Deux (or Stop Nagging Me, McDermott)

Part Two

On Friday morning we finally made it to the con proper (as opposed to simply being located in the same city and a bit around the block from it), we schlepped to the Hyatt and registered. There’s always a lovely sensation when you walk into a con hotel and see faces you don’t usually see except for a few
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