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Helen Marshall: Have Fluency in Ecclesiastical Latin, Will Travel

Helen Marshall Author PhotoWhen I was a kid I genuinely thought everyone who wrote books had died a long time ago. Like the dinosaurs. I had never seen a writer. I figured people didn’t write books anymore.

(soon-to-be Dr) Helen Marshall

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Weird stuff happens when you’re asleep …

Or rather, The Weird Stuff.

The delightful and slightly (okay, very) Weird Jeff VanderMeer introduces me at the Weird Fiction Review.

Behind the scenes, Angela Slatter has been working as WFR’s managing editor by, among other efforts, answering queries, working with writers on
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Stranger Drive-bys Happen: Kelly Link and Gavin Grant

The creative writing and editing powerhouses behind Small Beer Press,  five Year’s Best Horror and Fantasy anthologies with Ellen Datlow, and young Miss Ursula Annabel Link Grant (among other creative endeavours), Kelly Link and Gavin Grant, mind-meld on some questions … which they may or may not have described as “damn bear impossible
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The Author as Answerer of Questions

The delightful Marshall Payne interviews me over at his Super-Sekrit Clubhouse. There are also some awesome interviews with Amal El-Mohtar, Mike Allen, Vylar Kaftan and more.

Angela Slatter has recently been singled out by Jeff VanderMeer as an emerging writer of note in his Mammals Underfoot! group interview at Clarkesworld. She has sold fiction to
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