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The unquiet quiet

Yes, this place has been very quiet … still.


In my defence, I’ve been finishing Midnight and Moonshine with Lisa.

We’ve sent it to Russ the Publisher.

Now it’s back to a kind of normality.

A kind.

In apology, I offer an historic
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So You Want to Write for A Franchise, Or Thanks for My New Kitchen, Mr Lucas: in the Lair with Karen Miller and Sean Williams

As readers of this column know, we regularly and without thought of consequences, kidnap our guests by means of a malfunctioning vortex manipulator. The problem with doing this to people who write Star Wars
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Sublime juxtaposition and gravitas: in the Lair with Jason Nahrung

Today we kidnapped the delightful Mr Jason Nahrung (yes, the man who competes with Sean Williams and Trent Jamieson for the title “Nicest Man in Australian Spec-Fic”). Jason is the author of the novel The Darkness
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T’is the season to be meh …

Yes, it’s that time of the year when EoYM strikes.

That’s End of Year Malaise, a term coined many years ago by my old pal and sparring partner, Charlie Sutton. It describes the period from the beginning of November
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