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One of the things I love about working with Kathleen Jennings is that when she’s mid-creative flow she sends me texts with images of what she’s doing. So imagine my delight the other night when I received these three, all for my Black-Winged Angels collection (Ticonderoga Publications).

Loud squeeeing noises ensued.

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New Wine in Old Bottles: A Meditation on Writing

Arthur Rackman's Little Match Girl

(This is an extract from my MA thesis from 2006, and is a meditation on my own writing of Black-Winged Angels and Carter’s The Bloody Chamber and Donoghue’s Kissing the Witch.)

‘Most intellectual development depends
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Okay, so my first experiment in digital publishing is up at Smashwords.

T’is Black-Winged Angels, the short story collection of reloaded fairytales¬†I wrote for my MA. We’ll see how this goes – i.e. how well¬†I’ve managed to follow the technical’ish requirements (thanks to Alan Baxter for tips!) – and then Sourdough & Other Stories will be next.

My Significant Other did the
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