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The Hidden People: Alison Littlewood

AliLittlewood1SmallAlison Littlewood’s latest novel is The Hidden People, set in Victorian rural society, and is about the murder of a young girl suspected of being a fairy changeling. Her other books include A Cold Season, a Richard and Judy Book
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When You’re Glued to the Screen

Over at Walkley Magazine, Darren Baguley writes about managing the time-suck that is the Internet. He asked me (among others) some questions – I fear the point of my life is to be an example to others of ‘what can go wrong’.

Journalists are a curious lot, but is all that net surfing changing our brains? Darren Baguley looks at internet
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Reminder to Self

As I sit here, sludging my way through a new story and hating the words that are being extruded, I have to keep reminding myself of first principles.

The main one is that first drafts are brain-vomit. They
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