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Midnight and Moonshine

You know, five years ago (or almost) Lisa L. Hannett and I released our Norse-inflected, fairytale-y, myth-saturated, damned sexy mosaic collection, Midnight and Moonshine.

The cover art is by the wonderful Kathleen Jennings, and the Introduction by the equally wonderful Dr Kim Wilkins.

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A Feast of Sorrows – Starred Review in PW!

FeastofSorrows_Cov_V01 A Feast of Sorrows: Stories

Australian speculative fiction author Slatter’s U.S. debut is a compilation of her most notable stories along with several new ones, all of which showcase her incredible talent for enlivening fairy
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Publishers Weekly reviews Bitterwood

BB jacket frontMy third starred review from Publishers Weekly – a cause for dancing if ever there was one!

The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings

Although set in a fantasy world full of sorcery and
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Bluegrass Symphony’s first review – Snoopy Dancing is in order!

Publishers Weekly, no less, has reviewed Lisa L. Hannett’s first collection, the beautiful Bluegrass Symphony, out via the good graces of Ticonderoga Publications:

Australian author Hannett’s first collection shows off her fondness for lush imagery, unsettling concepts, indirect prose, and
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Some Goodly News …

… to go with the site redesign (Thank you, Significant Other).

Nice review of Dead Red Heart over at Publishers Weekly, including a shout-out to my Sun Falls. Wooot!

And also good things about the next Scary Kisses anthology!

T’is here.
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The Cold Drive-by: Simon Strantzas

Spoiler alert: Simon Strantzas prefers apple fritters *shakes head*. But as he is a fellow Tartarus Press author, and a damned awesome one at that, he is forgiven. Cold to the Touch has received critical acclaim and Strantzas
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Repost: Cory Doctorow on Zen and the Art of Self-Publishing

An interesting article from Cory Doctorow over at Publishers Weekly about the perils of self-publishing.

I write these words on a Friday having just recently finished and sent off my next YA novel, Pirate Cinema, to all the agents, editors, friends, first readers, and fact-checkers who’ve been awaiting it. I believe it is a good novel. In fact,
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Wooot! Publishers Weekly reviews Sourdough and Other Stories

I haz a star – that’s good, right? Thanks to Trent Jamieson for pointing it out :-).

 Web Exclusive Sourdough and Other Stories Angela Slatter, Tartarus (www.tartaruspress.com), $50 (238p) ISBN 9781905784257
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Publishers Weekly reviewed The Girl with No Hands and Other Tales! Positively!

It’s also the first time Ticonderoga has had a book reviewed in PW! Huzzah!

*Snoopy dance*

In this collection of 16 previously published and new stories, Slatter presents twisted, fractured, illuminating fairy tales and dark fantasies that beguile in their elegant simplicity. Many of the stories are reiterations of classic fairy
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