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Finding an Agent: the Ugly Truth

Art by Kathleen Jennings

Finding an Agent: the Ugly Truth[1]

by Angela Slatter

Literary agents manage, in theory, all the business of a writer’s work. This includes the submission, sale, contracting, publication, translation, production and reproduction. They act as a conduit between authors
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Pulp Fiction Bestsellers of 2017

Very happy to see that both Vigil and Corpselight made the 2017 Bestseller list from Pulp Fiction Booksellers!

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Vigil (Verity Fassbinder 01) by Angela Slatter
Corpselight (Verity Fassbinder 02) by Angela Slatter
The Collapsing Empire (Flow
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Corpselight …

… so, as you know we’ll be launching Corpselight, the second of the Verity Fassbinder books, on 14 July at the Brisbane Square Library.

Pulp Fiction Booksellers will be doing the selling of books that night (obviously), but you can also
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And so there was a launch!

signWe officially launched Vigil on Tuesday 19th July at the  brainsBrisbane Square Library and a great night was had by all! About
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Signed copies of Vigil in Brisneyland

Photo by Hachette peeps

Photo by Hachette peeps

So today is the Official Vigil in stores day! As you can see by the celebrating Hachetteers to the left.

I went in to visit with the lovely Pulpsters and what should arrive as I
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Vigil Launch is go, go, go!!

vigil-cover-200x300Okay! The Brisbane City Library now has the Vigil launch on their calendar. It’s a free event, but you do need to call and book to attend (yes, even those of you who are related to me). And, go!

Or, for those of you like
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