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The Opposite Drive-by: Narrelle Harris

The Opposite of Life by Narrelle M. Harris had Charlaine Harris (that’s Sookie’s mum) breathless. A vampire novel that does something new and is set in Melbourne, the novel was a huge achievement for the author and Pulp
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I do believe a "Squeeeeeeeeee" is in order

Opposite_coverCharlaine Harris (she of True Blood, etc – do I really need to write more?) has totally blogged Narelle M Harris’s The Opposite of Life in a very positive light:

An Australian publisher handed THE OPPOSITE OF LIFE to me at Bouchercon, and I began
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Dearly Dining Dexter

dexterToday was one of the days when the universe was nice to me (I may have been extra good over the weekend, although I can’t quite think when), and I got to sit down to lunch* with Jeff Lindsay (Dexter’s dad). Also along for the ducktacular entrée, sticky pork
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