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The Remaining Drive-by: Richard Morgan

Richard K. Morgan began as a science fiction writer and is now a science fiction writer who’s able to cross over to fantasy, have a few drinks there and then go back until he’s ready for more cross-border travel. He’s
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The Drive-by from Orion: Brendan Fredericks

Brendan Fredericks is a publicist with the Orion Division of Hachette Australia – one day, when you’re a rich famous best-selling author, you may be lucky enough to have someone like him on book tour with you. Brendan has been aide-de-camp to the likes of Richard Morgan, Alastair Reynolds and Jeff
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Here’s One We Prepared Earlier – or Richard Morgan is top of Author Behaviour 101

The Steel Remains (GollanczF.)

I was lucky enough to go along and see Richard Morgan at his QWC-FQ gig in Brisneyland last night. He was funny, erudite and unpretentious. He talked about his writing, his inspiration, his journey to becoming a fulltime writer, and his complete lack of planning when he writes (a comfort for
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