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Competition: Home and Hearth

CAM01466My author copies of Home and Hearth from Spectral Press have arrived! So I’m running a competition and giving away two copies to readers.

Just email me at me@angelaslatter.com and say “Hi, Angela” (yes, it’s the minimal requirements competition) and I’ll use a
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The Spectral Book of Horror Stories: Mark Morris

markmorrisThe delightful and rather legendary Mr Mark Morris is the editor for the first volume of The Spectral Book of Horror Stories from Spectral Press (brainchild of the equally delightful Mr Simon Marshall-Jones). Mark was kind enough to answer some questions for
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And so, WFC

IMG_1774I figure I’d better write this now while I still have some memory of the events of the trip! First and foremost, I was a plague rat for most of my time in the UK, and the consensus from friends is
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The Witches’ Scale

And so, I have agreed to write a novella for Simon Marshall-Jones at Spectral Press.

He offered me something I couldn’t possibly refuse: this illustration as a cover.

It’s called “Die Hexenwippe oder-waage” (The witches’ seesaw or scale)
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Mini-review: Nowhere Hall

When Publishers Weekly describes someone as “…a rising purveyor of high literary strangeness…” a reader can justifiably hope for more than a touch of awesome in a chapbook called Nowhere Hall written by a writer known only as Read more…

Mini-review: What Gets Left Behind

To celebrate FantasyCon in Brighton, here’s a review of Spectral’s newest chapbook, Mark West’s good old-fashioned scary What Gets Left Behind.

The blurb is as follows:

In 1981, Gaffney was terrorised by the Rainy Day Abductor.

Local girls went
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Another winner from Spectral Press

Simon Marshall-Jones has done it again with another of his chapbook series, Alison Littlewood’s The Eyes of Water.

A tale of old gods, modern men, and water-filled cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula, it’s a source of bedtime restlessness and dreams about
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King Death by Paul Finch

So as part of my quest to get through the TBR pile threatening to tumble from my bedside table and crush me in my sleep, I’m trying to read a short story or a novel chapter religiously before bed. Last
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Alan Baxter considers Spectral Press


Snoopy Dancing news

Great news the other day: I finished (at last!) my first piece of fiction since I submitted my brain-shredding PhD. The idea occurred to me about 4 weeks post-PhD but then it took me about 7 weeks to finally get everything on paper and then edited and polished
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